About this project

SpeakBin is a game for all ages to help you understand proper separate collection of household waste and provides information about the recycling of materials

With Speakbin you can share educational moments playing with your children or it can be used in schools to explain the separate collection and recycling of waste.

Empower kids to the problem of waste means start soon an educational process of consciens behavior towards the environment and nature.

Educate a child now means to have in the future an adult who respects the territory.

Our goal is to bring “The speaking litter bin ” in more primary schools as possible. For this Reason, for every person who decides to help us by purchasing Our Kickstarter magic SpeakBin Kit , we will send you as a gift another Speakbin Kit with your dedication to a school of your choice.


Collect waste at home and put it near the magic basket , it will identify the material (paper, plastic, wood, Medicines, etc) and a voice WILL TELL YOU in which colorful basket put it

The tech involved is deceptively simple. Evolved from radio frequency identification tech, an microchip operates as one part of a wireless link. Once it’s activated by another chip, small amounts of data between the two devices can be transferred when held a few centimeters from each other. No pairing code is necessary to link up and because it uses chips that run on very low amounts of power (or passively, using even less), it’s much more power-efficient than other wireless communication types.


The instructions tell you on which material apply adhesive microchips. The contact of the microchip with the speakbin, not only enable an entry that recognizes the material and indicates the Recycle bin to put it, but also opens the app with a whole host of information about the material, sorting and recycling.

Maybe one day all objects will be microchipped so ALL PEOPLE CAN have “the speaking bin ”






First I thought of hardware , Arduino or Raspberry, but would produce more waste That ran counter to the principle of recycling to zero impact. Then I developed a software that uses a very common hardware in circulation: The smartphone.

With my team we worked on contactless microchip to be applied on common waste, to allow some smartphones to identify the waste material. We reached a surprising result, almost Magical ! Amazing people of all ages.

Attention: This is the list of compatible smartphones (take a look in the old smartphone you have trays) if not listed, you can purchase one of ours, absolutely refurbished because new would go against our principle of recycling, and receive it already equipped with integrated Apps and features enabled.





The basket consists of 100% recycled materials and has a compartment to hold your smartphone that will identify the garbage material through our software




Speak bin is also an App, after playing with “the speaking litter bin ” and you can deepen all topics of Separate collection and recycling. There are also video games for kids and adults. Just bring your garbage to the back of the smartphone and connect to the  speakbin app




We have video of our first prototype fully recycled. We recycled a Chocolate Kinder box to make the speakbin and then created the origami boxes

Origami SpeakBin



If you got this far you want to know what’s in the package of our educational SpeakBin game:

We decided to make 4 different formats to be proposed

4 different sizes kits , recycled 100% – microchips stickers , a smartphone software and instructions


Microchip kit reward

  • software for smartphones that are compatible 
  •  8 microchip stickers

With this kit you can recycle objects in your house to play with Speakbin


The second is origami kit:

  •   4 recycled card-stock and a tutorial that will help you in 1 Minute to Build colorful baskets With origami.
  •  App you want to Download on your smartphone 1 basket with the compartment for smartphone
  •  8 microchips to be applied on the garbage (paper, glass, plastics, Medicines, wood, wet waste, tetrapak, aluminum)
  •  video tutorial

This is a family kit to stimulate creativity and manual skills for children to create origami.

The third is Mini kit

  • 4 coloured Containers already finished
  • App you must to download on smartphone
  •  1 Mini bin with the compartment for the smartphone
  •  8 microchips to be applied on the garbage (paper, glass, plastics, Medicines, wood, wet waste, tetrapak, aluminum)
  •  video tutorial

This is an ideal kit for 5-6 players


The four is medium kit:


  • 5 box recycled 100% 50x10x10 Measures
  • one box of the has the space to put the smartphone
  •  12 microchips to be applied on the garbage (aluminum, paper, glass, plastics, Medicines, wood, waste, tetrapak)
  •  video tutorial

suitable for schools, communities, offices, trade shows, exhibitions, Airports usable Come real differentiated baskets or come Game entertainment . To be put into your children’s rooms and use Come real baskets after having played


The last is a Maxi kit:

  •   5 80x30x30 100% recycled cardboard bins inside of one of the bins in the Dedicated compartment smartphone one Tested compatible, used is ready for use
  •  20 Active Waste Already microchipped and ready to use INDUSTRY SECTOR on all qrcode bins or contactless system to connect to the  app SpeakBin

Suitable for schools, communities, offices, trade shows, exhibitions, Airports usable Come real differentiated baskets or come Game entertainment.

We will personalize Speakbin with your logo or inscription









Risks and challenges

We have reduced the risks to a minimum, anticipating some essential work to start as soon as the goal will be achieved:
1) created a stable and functioning software
2) submitted projects to suppliers of SpeakBin
3) worked on microchips
4) Determining raw material suppliers
5) develop all quotations for our first production financed by Kickstarter campaign
6) we have already organized the process of packing and shipping of the kits

We took care of online sales and international shipments for ebay for several years and we were Top Sellers for our commitment and perseverance . We also founded 2 startups involved in digital technology services and … experience is everything. We know how annoying it is to receive the order goods late, so we arranged for a plan B in case the orders should increase considerably.

Anyway, as with any project, there is a risk of bringing a new product in the world. It is possible that our dependence on suppliers might result in unexpected delays.

who will help us to start we promise to keep you updated in real time on the packaging process